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Gloves (work and rubber)


Particulate Masks

Electric fans

Extension cords



Contractor bags


Cleaning supplies.

Silk screening and printmaking ink (water based) and supplies

Printmaking paper

Bike parts (derailers, gear shifters, etc)

Bike tools

Computer desks

Small shelves and bookshelves

Filing cabinets

Wireless Routers

Cable Modem

Cat 5 cables

Working Laptops w/ 2.5 GHZ or faster

Complete computers w/ 2.5 GHZ or faster, more than 512 MB RAM

Working, fast computer printers

Flat screen monitors esp. larger monitors

Computer scanner

Digital camera

Video production equipment


Sewing Needles



Glue/Glue sticks

Paper (All types: printing, construction, poster, butcher block, etc.)


Board games (complete)

Sports equipment

Gardening tools (spades, shovels, hoes, gardening gloves)

Garden furniture

Lumber for raised beds

White boards and dry erase markers

Pots and pans

Serving and cooking utensils

Olive Oil

Plastic utensils and paper goods

Card table

A little red wagon

Large plastic storage bins/tubs (all sizes)

Plates, mugs, bowls, utensils

Coffee pot

Rice cooker


Giant stand up mixer

Giant convection oven


Power drill

General tools and toolbox

Please contact Jen Burt at or (508)-615-3812 with any additions to or questions about this list.