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Stone Soup has committees that get work done related to different parts of the organization.

The Building Committee works on issues related to the building – remodeling, caretakers, and things that need fixing.!aboutgroup/stonesoupbuilding
Building Coordinator: Matt
Meeting times: 4th Tuesday of the month at 6pm with Finance Committee Meeting.
Anyone can email building committee list:

The Finance and Fundraising Committee makes sure financial issues are taken care of, maintain the Stone Soup bank account, and plan fundraising and grant writing efforts.!aboutgroup/stonesoupff
Communicator: needed…
Meeting times: 4th Tuesday of the month at 6pm with Building Committee Meeting.

“The Wooden Spoon” acts as a board of directors, maintains connections between cooks, and ensures that needed trainings and mediation within the group happen.!aboutgroup/stonesoupwoodenspoon
Communicator: Jen
Meeting times: During every 3rd General Meeting (2nd Tuesday of the month at 6pm) – starting August, 2016.

The Outreach Committee does Stone Soup outreach in the neighborhood.
Communicator needed!

[Inactive] The Fun Committee aka “The Spice Rack” plans community building activities and ensures that Stone Soup is a fun and welcoming place for all.

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