Calendar booking agreement:
COOKs (member groups) can book an event at any time in common spaces (put space in location line). For recurring events of more than 6 recurrences in 6 months or for events longer than 4 hours or for events that require the all the common spaces, prior consent from the Stone Soup general meeting or general list (wait 24 hours for blocking concerns).

Events will follow the following agreements:
– no event that’s purpose is to support a political party or partisan/electoral campaign
– candidate forum / open / non-exclusive events are ok
– no events by a group that is discriminatory or an event is discriminatory (racist, sexist, classist, ageist, ableist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. linked to a system of oppression) ex. Ok for a women’s group, or youth-only group
– no exclusive religious events (due to an history of becoming divisive, making people feel unwelcome or proselytize), but we will consider specific proposals from a framework of Stone Soup “opting in” to host.

Building committee keeps a list of those with calendar access along with key list and it’s part of the orientation, they review this list annually and remove people who are no longer active.

1-2 people are agreed upon yearly at a general meeting to be calendar coordinator(s) with the following responsibilities:

1. Ensure that events on the calendar follow the agreements listed above (keep an eye out for repeating events that have not been approved.
2. Show people who are not familiar with the calendar technology how to use it (beyond mini how-to in orientation).
3. Give 2 warnings to people who use it inappropriately such as putting personal events on joint calendar.
4. Revoke calendar access for users who have removed other groups’ events or those who still use it inappropriately despite the 2 warnings.
5. Users can regain access only with consensus of general meeting or email to general list (wait 24 hours for blocking concerns).