Ways to get involved

Did you know that there is an all volunteer-run artist /
activist collective and community resource center
in Main South called
at 4 King St, Worcester?
You probably did, but maybe you didn’t know this…

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Download the Spanish Flyer here.

1 – There are rooms available in Stone Soup! You can start your art project, your grassroots group, your micro-enterprise or co-op business, you-name-it for really cheap, and have access to the computers, meeting rooms, kitchen and extended stone soup community. We’re talking $200-300/month all included. Or be a caretaker (we’re looking for caretakers starting in November). Get in touch if you’re interested and we’ll show you the space. General Stone Soup number: 508-755-4974.

Toxic Soil Busters Co-op

2 – We’re open most week days during the day and often in the evening, but we’d like to be open more… we need YOU to volunteer with us for open hours. Contact Paula to find out more: harrisop -at- gmail.com

3 – There are hundreds of rad books on topics from Latin American social movements to gay liberation, from anarchism to cultural studies in the Firecracker Lending Library – but the library collective needs your help sorting, cataloging and tracking the books to make this resource functional and available! Contact Lauren to help out: tankgrrrl12 -at- hotmail.com

4 – There’s a very welcoming community bike shop and a place to earn a free bike. Worcester Earn-A-Bike operates out of the Stone Soup basement and is open Weds. 4:30-6:30, Sat. 2-4:30, and Sun 7-9 (Sun. is age 17+). Bike donations welcome, as well! Contact Gray for more info: gray -at- worcesterearnabike.org


5 – There’s a full capacity Graphics Shop with screen printing and printmaking machines. Open to community participation. Contact Cosme for more info: csierra9407 -at- charter.net

6 – And at 5:00 on the first and third Sundays of the month, join EPOCA to learn about grassroots community organizing to reform our criminal justice system, and our democratic, worker-owned biodiesel cooperative.

EPOCA in Boston

7 – Stone Soup Collective has open general meetings every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 6pm. Come bring your ideas and energy to help us make this space even more useful to artists, activists and the community.
Some of the ongoing projects include a newsletter, building a commercial kitchen, 3rd floor renovations, a co-op online bookstore, winterizing, energy saving and more.

Next meetings are:
Tuesday, Sept. 23rd, 6:00pm
Tuesday, Oct. 13th, 6:00pm

8 – There are monthly opportunities to get your hands dirty for environmental justice. Worcester Roots Project hold hands-on volunteer days on the last Saturday of the month, meeting at 10am at Stone Soup, 4 King St. Help the Toxic Soil Busters Co-op tackle contaminated yards and learn about plants that pull toxins out of the soil! Next hands on volunteer day is Sept. 27th, 10am.

Building Raised Garden Beds

Now you know. All this and a lot more at
Stone Soup
4 King St
Worcester, MA

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