Time Trade Circle and Stone Soup

Time trade Circle knock on Stone Soups door.

Stone Soup General meeting decided that Stone Soup and Time Trade Circle should work together.



CONTACT: Curtis Falzoi, Time Trade Circle, 310-980-2644, cjfalzoi@gmail.com

What: Time Trade Orientation at Stone Soup in Worcester

When: Saturday, March 15, 2014 at 4pm

Where: Stone Soup, 4 King Street, Worcester, MA 01610

Worcester, MA – On Saturday, March 15, 2014 at 4pm, The Time Trade Circle, Massachusetts’ Time Bank, will be holding on orientation open to the general public to learn more about time banking and register for the Time Trade Circle. The location of the orientation is Stone Soup, 4 King Street in Worcester.

The Time Trade Circle http://timetradecircle.org/ is a local bank – but keeps track of time instead of money. The idea is simple: I earn a time credit by doing something for you. It doesn’t matter what that “something” is. You turnaround and earn a time credit doing something for someone else. For example, an hour of gardening equals an hour of child-care equals an hour of dentistry equals an hour of home repair equals an hour of teaching someone to play chess. All people’s time are valued equally, regardless of color, gender, level of education, or geographic location.

TimeBanking builds on the magic of “pay it forward,” one good turn leading to another and another and another. Through pay-it-forward, TimeBanking joins unused resources in a community to needs that are not being met.

Time banking is the brain-child of University of the District of Columbia law professor Edgar Cahn. “From probably caveman days, there was always an invisible core economy of home, family, neighborhood, and community. Families grew up. Neighborhoods were safe. Seniors were taken care of. We’ve seen that erode. That core economy was subsidized by the labor of women and the exploitation of minorities and immigrants. We have to find a way to honor and give economic value to the universal capacities to care, to love, to help.”

Unlike the monetary economy, which values a doctor’s time more than a day-care worker’s, in time banks the lawyer’s hour equals the same time dollar as the laborer’s. Unlike a barter economy of traded favors – the auto mechanic tunes up the car of the plumber who then fixes the mechanic’s leaky sink – time bank members pay it forward. Unlike a traditional bank, time banks regularly schedule social events and, in more diverse communities, build bridges across racial and ethnic divides.

Anyone can become a member of the Time Trade Circle. Individuals, groups, organizations, government agencies, churches, businesses; they all can become members, and contribute time, energies, skills and resources.

To join, one must:

  • attend an orientation meeting

  • create an account on the Time Trade Circle website

Since 2007, The Time Trade Circle has steadily grown in number, hours traded, and geographic scope. Originally centered around the community of Cambridge, MA, the Time Trade Circle now includes over 900 members throughout the state of Massachusetts, including Worcester, Boston metro area, South Shore, North Shore, and Western Massachusetts.

See more about the Time Trade Circle and “time banking” in general at http://timetradecircle.org/ and www.facebook.com/timetradecircle

Stone Soup, http://www.stonesoupworcester.org/, the host of the orientation, is a volunteer run organization that brings together various Worcester leadership development and organizing groups doing social, environmental and economic justice work in the city of Worcester MA.


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