Work days: Volunteers wanted!

We are planning a work day to do clean-up and begin rebuilding work at Stone Soup:
Sunday, November 6th, 2011

The building is cleaned out and ready for rebuilding! Yesterday we had a great clean up with a dozen volunteers cleaning, patching, painting, tarring, sorting, assembling lights and other things to be ready for the rebuilding work that will start within a few months.
***We need help from someone with electrical knowledge in finishing the temporary lighting assembly, please contact us if you know someone who can help***

Some highlights:

  • All rooms outside of the back wing that is heavily damaged are clean!
  • The flat part of the roof is re-tarred and the patch is holding up from the last work day’s job.
  • Handy carpenter skills made very solid blocked windows and garage patches.
  • We feasted on polenta, roots, pie, tea, cookies!
  • Stone Soup members hauled tons of fire-damaged stuff and filled another huge dumpster that will go to be sorted and mostly recycled.
  • 8 year-old Rafi painted the base coat of paint on the sign that will show a message about where we’re at.

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