About Stone Soup

Did you know that there is an all volunteer-run artist / activist collective and community resource center in Main South called S T O N E S O U P at 4 King St, Worcester? You probably did, but maybe you didn’t know this… Download the latest Stone Soup Flyer […]

Ways to get involved

Please consider donating all or a portion of your “economic stimulus” rebate to Stone Soup, a new community center that is truly revitalizing Worcester’s inner city. Help support our work for true community improvement: 1. Stone Soup members are creating worker and housing cooperatives to provide secure jobs and to […]

Revitalizing Worcester from the Bottom-Up

All these with no staff, no big funders, all volunteers and member groups chipping in, many generous individuals. Not a complete list, add your items as comments! Stone Soup Accomplishments First 5 Months Renovations: • Built a functional kitchen for Food Not Bombs and all the member groups “COOKs” (permitted, […]

5 Months of Stone Soup Accomplishments!

The community center in Worcester, Stone Soup/Olla Popular, holds a kick-off celebration on January 27th, 2007 with the solidarity of several regional and international groups. After several years of hard work, social movements and community groups finally have their own space. And it is permanent. And it is autonomous, communally […]

Stone Soup Celebrates its Opening

Stone Soup is up and running. Well we still have a lot of work to do to make the space work for all of our projects, But Earn a bike moved in on December 17th. Ex-prisioners and prisioners Organizing for Community Advacement (EPOCA) is busy making there office work for […]

Stone Soup moves into 4 King St.

Please help us find this stuff for free! OFFICE-STUFF Business phone system Folding tables Conference table Bookshelves Phone and ethernet cables LCD Projector Folding chairs Bulletin board White boards/chalkboards Magazine Racks HOUSEHOLD-STUFF Tool sets Light fixtures (more efficient ones) Curtains / blinds Bathtub/shower Couches/Armchairs/Futons (good shape only) Refrigerator Big pots […]


Where Stone Soup Comes From: A History Worcester’s artist and activist communities have been a vibrant source of creativity for many years. Since 1979, when the Grove Street Gallery opened, the city has experienced the benefits of having a strong connection to the arts. The Grove Street Gallery lasted 15 […]

Updated Stone Soup History

Stone Soup is a membership based organization committed to three areas of focus which are the arts, community and affordable housing; within these areas we strive for self-sustaining and economically accessible spaces and educational activities which are open to neighbors, activists, community groups, and artists. Inspired by principles of inclusion, […]

The Stone Soup Project